“What is Race ?”

What is race? This can be a very tough question to answer if you do not know too much about it but there is no right or wrong answer as to what race is. Among the six people that I interviewed all of there answers were somewhat the same but answered in many unique ways. After introducing myself I asked them the simple question what is race? Some of their expressions were showing a surprised look because not to many people think about what race is to them. Many of the interviewers answers were that race should not be a title and we should consider people as individuals, race is a social construct of a way for people to differentiate people from others. The patterns I started to notice among the interviewers were the different ethnicities of race.

What I learned from this assignment was that you can viewpoint the term “race” in many ways within it being involved with skin color, or belonging to a different ethnicity, after conducting interviews and thinking about the question myself I would consider race as much deeper than just the outside of individual such as their skin color but the inside of a person and individuality of a person is what makes us different among others. After experiencing my first anthropological research I learned so much from it by gaining knowledge of other cultures viewpoints on race and just thinking alone what race is. Each of the interviewers answers were shocking to me because I never many people felt the way they do on the term “race” and the actual meaning of what race really is. I really look forward on learning more in this class.

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  1. Race is something that is defined differently for everyone. I experienced it with my interview it looks like you did too. I tried to find commonalities with your findings and mine and we both got shocking responses when we posed the question, “What is Race?” Its a strange question! I don’t know which six people you chose, but I chose to speak to six people from my new job and I got the strangest looks. Another thing we had in common was the response that race is a socially constructed concept. Honestly, I think a lot of people say that is a socially constructed concept but in their hearts they regard it as something else but, I don’t think anyone would admit that. They would fear coming off racist and being political correct is sort of hard to come back from so people often don’t say what they really feel. Of course, I’m just speculating what others might be thinking. With that being said, I really enjoyed your findings and it was nice to see that we had some of the same responses.

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