Defining Race?

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I was able to gain people’s perspective on culture and music which makes up their race and background.  Most people define race as not a skin color or tone but made up from their roots or heritage where they grew up. Other defined it as having a genetically inbound of similarities with one another. A couple of things surprise me about people stated that America had it different viewpoint on race, which I can confirm on that. One thing in particular was the idea of race being genetically similar which is very interesting giving that we are all human beings without any other species but the only differences is our skin tone.  I learned that both females and males have a very different viewpoint on how society view others or themselves as individuals in life. They have very similar ideas but not the same answers for the same questions. The activity give me the opportunity to get back into field work like what I have done within my sociology course which is very fun and rewarding . It gives you a humble and modestly for others and their own work or practice in life. It can push you to come out of your comfort zone and get to see and hear other people ideas on the subject matter that are important in society or the world. It can open up doors to other people mind and learn about different culture and ethnicities in the world who have different way of seeing things.


Austin Cooper

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