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After the week’s lectures, readings, and activities, how I would explain what it means to say race is “socially constructed” is that people tend to use race based on people’s skin color. People tend to Consider race as a modern concept and as a society itself, they tend to see others from what the color of their skin is or trying to set them apart by their skin color. When rather they define them by their cultural heritage. People try so hard to group people into “races” based on their appearance when they should be more focused on using traits. People also try to distinguish animals and humans together when we in fact cannot due to humans being relatively young in species. Compared to animals, humans can’t be evolved into different subspecies and sense it takes such a long time to develop genetic variation and humans tend to migrate, we are preventing humans from having the same genetic variation. If we could it still there still wouldn’t be a single gene or even a cluster of genes that only “white” people or “black” people would have. In the reading Human Diversity-Go Deeper it states, “Not everyone who looks alike or lives in the same region shares a common ancestry, so using “race” as a shorthand for ancestry can be misleading.” This statement is definitely a huge point in understanding that race is not what it appears to be on the outside. We must look at race biologically and overlooking the social factors that causes all the social inequality. We must understand that race is socially constructed, where it truly depends on the people that are assuming and judging someone for having darker/lighter skin than someone else. As stereotypes go, people judge from the cover of a book and that goes along with people as well. The interpretation and conception of race comes directly from society.

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  1. Hello Nicole! I would hay to say that I agree with how you defined “socially constructed” the people in todays society especially use race to base on people’s skin color. This goes along with the issues that are current today such as the police brutality, and you said it best “as stereotypes go people tend to judge from the cover of a book”, I believe people should not do that because It’s not always about the persons skin color but their individuality and the traits of that person which makes them who they are and just there skin color. In the video one species, Living Worldwide mention that every person that lives on earth today belongs to the same species which are Homo Sapiens and that the only difference between us is that we adapt to different environments, but these differences are called skin deep, “ we are all one species, and I would have to agree because we are all the same with different shades and traits.

  2. Hey Nicole! I have to agree as well that race is socially constructed. However, I don’t necessarily think that it would be right to describe it as being biological or that we should see it in a more biological way. I think the fact that all humans are a sole species proves how race is not a biological concept. The fact that we appear different, physically, is due to environmental adaptations but a white man is not more predisposed to a disease (for example) in comparison to a black man, solely because of his skin color. After this lesson I’ve learned that race above anything is socially constructed. I also believe that race serves as a way to differentiate cultures more than anything. It’s not based on what people physically look like because there’s as many tan dominicans as there can also be red-headed dominicans (for example). It goes back to what traditions and customs different groups of people have in a common society.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    I really enjoyed your take on the reading, Human Diversity-Go Deeper. I really like how you highlighted the reason behind why some people look alike. People look alike because they share a common ancestry versus the same race. This reading gives information as to how we have evolved in comparison to animals. Humans haven’t been here on the earth a long enough time to have developed into different subspecies. We haven’t been isolated like other animals to have evolved in that way. Humans have migrated to various parts of the world and have mixed through conquering lands or by marrying ‘out.’ Like you, I believe it is important to know this fact about human genetics in order to understand fully. We cannot look to animals the same way as we look at humans because we run the risk of subcategorizing humans when we haven’t evolved that way. I also think its important to also keep in mind, that there is genetic variation between us and we mustn’t not analyze it because we can find out a lot about the human race by doing so.

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