Week 1 Reflection Post

This week I learned a lot about the meaning of race and how it effects our society as a whole. Based on the information I learned through the several lectures and readings is that this term race has been socially constructed thus ones personal biology does not distinuish their specific race. The reason for this being individuals within a certain racial geoup differ signicicantly seperating individuals into racial groups is solely being done on appearance. However, this is not the proper way of distinguishing indiciduals due to how much deeper the meaning of race is. In order to eliminate the underlying reason for race, we must learn to not categorize individuals.

An example that I believe backs up the reason why race is not a solid wayto distinguish groups of people is becuase there are many areas in which physical features do not determine what group you are in. A very distinct example is South Africa; individuals in this country come in all different types of skin tones and facial features. However there are also other areas such as Isreal where you can have a more subtle difference yet obvious when it comes to hair texture and facial structure.

Based on The 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Race states a huge issue that us Americas have yet to figure out. The answer that they have is that racism stems from slavery. This make a lot of sense because the way African Americans are treated in present day is reflected back to hwo they were treated in the period of slavery. Although it is much better now, if you ask African Americans now, there is still tension and discrimination.

Alexandria Hughes

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