Aspiring Judge!


My name is Danyale! My major is Comparative Government and Advocacy, minoring in Political Science. I am a first degree black belt student in Martial Arts. I am a middle child of four, all of my siblings and I each attend different schools.
I have taken two anthropology classes in the past. I took ANP 200 and ANP 201. I am taking this course because it is required for my major. I choose ANP 330, because the class focus is race, ethnicity, and nation. I have taken classes about race, in different cognates. I want to understand race for all aspects, I want a narrow understanding of race and ethnicity in America. Especially in this day and age were African American people are being murder in public by police officers.

This picture it meaningful to me because I believe “Black Lives Matter”. I don’t understand why so many black people are being killed by other black men and policers. I don’t understand why policers feel black people is a threat to them, if the guns is pointed towards the opposite person. Also to repeatedly shoot a person when they already down is ridiculous.

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