Hoping to Graduate Soon!

Hi class! My name is John and I am a senior who is planning to graduate soon… hopefully. This is my fifth year at MSU and I am studying Anthropology as a second major in addition to Biomedical Laboratory Science. Although I enjoy living here in East Lansing and I will miss all of the football games and Conrads, my parents told me that I should probably graduate soon and become a real adult, whatever that means. My background in anthropology is limited to the introductory courses that I took last semester. However, my background in health and illness is quite extensive. The reason that I chose this course was to come to a better understanding of the possible influence race and ethnicity have on healthcare. While most people would consider procedures and medicine to be the most important part of a treatment plan, I believe that an understanding of the patients culture is just as important. I am hoping to come to a better understanding of how culture is related to healthcare in the United States and around the world… and if I am lucky I can find a job with the knowledge that I have gained from this course. The photo that I chose was from a mission trip Costa Rica. I traveled around to different villages with a group of doctors helping children who do not have access to healthcare. This experience influenced my decision to pursue a career in this field.

Costa Rica

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