Unseasonably Cold Jetsetter

Hey, y’all! I’m Margeaux, a rising senior studying Communication and Public Relations. Fun fact: I’m writing this from the airport in Santiago, Chile, and it is indeed CHILLY!! It’s winter down here, and I’m just now realizing that my last-minute decision to hop on a 10-hour flight to the southern hemisphere probably needed a little more planning. Not packed for this weather! I’m not typically a traveler, but this summer, I am working for Delta Air Lines’ Marketing department. Would you believe me if I said I’ve been to 5 continents in 5 weeks?! Such an incredible experience. I’m happy to answer questions about this amazing company (: With my travel opportunities, I’ve had the chance to experience so many different cultures from all over the world, which has been an anthropological adventure in itself! Now that I have this class as well, I hope to share a really unique insight into race and culture around the globe. I chose the attached image because it’s one of my favorite places to be: above the clouds! And just to clear the air, I really do have real work to do 😛 Excited to get to know everybody!


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  1. Hello,

    My name is Danyale! I think it is interesting that you taking an online class while enjoying your summer abroad. I too am enjoying my summer in my hometown. I agree with being in the clouds, enjoying and viewing the clear skies. I enjoy it because I would have the opportunity to think clearly and open my mind to different ideas.

    I think it is really cool you’ve been to five continents in five weeks. Best of luck to you!

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