Intro: Hard Working and Future

Hello, my name is Simin Zou. I’m an international student come from China. This was my fourth years here in U.S. alone by myself. At the very first place, all things were really hard for me because I did not know anyone and language is the problem since English is not my first language. While, after so many efforts and trying, now, I’m going to graduate from this school. I had really good time learning here. As to the anthropology, I get great interests in it. This is my last class of summer time. I’m now preparing for the work after the graduation.

I’m taking this course for the credit that I need. Most importantly, this course seems informative and I get the interests in anthropology. I’m looking forward to work with my classmates and learn knowledge about race, ethnicity, nation and other items in anthropology. This course could broaden my eyesight to look things happen in this world.

Late Bronze Age in RomaniaThe picture that I choose is a picture from the Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology. It’s the picture of Colin Quinn and Lacey Carpenter found a b bronze vessel handle at the Late Bronze Age site of Ramet-Curmatura in southwest Transylvania in 2013. This picture provide me a lot information and give me the inspiration of those anthologists never give up their work and research. I could get the persistence from them.

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  1. I think its so brave to come to another country, by yourself, and fulfill all your goals. I’m truly impressed and inspired. I moved to a different state for a summer and didn’t stay because I was too lonely, and for you to come all the way to another country is amazing.

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