Hi! My name is Siyu Liu. I am an international student from China. It is my first time take  an Anthropology class. I am thinking to take this class to gain more knowledge about human. Actually, I am a animal lover. I love animals, the amount of times I tried getting into horseback riding and care, it never really panned out for me. It is interesting that before learning about humankind, I have learned many interesting facts about animals in my spare time. For example, some excavations found horses buried fully intact next to their owners instead of being sacrificed as gifts. Horses are so different than types pets. Dogs and cats, we think of as small and easily controllable. We don’t keep giraffes or deer as pets (typically, I would think) because they’re larger than us, they have the capacity to really hurt us and behave on their own accord. However, some people see horses as even more personable than these typical household pets. Another thing I found interesting is our ability to domesticate these horses. Bytraining these horses to do what humans want and need, we actually eventually completely alter the phenotype of that species, essentially of our own making.

I am ready to learn more interesting facts about human!

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