Week 1: Activity

When doing this, I expected everything to be bad. “Ask people what they think race is?” Do I want to? No. Not at all. I still regret everything. I feel rude for even posting this, since I promised that none of their answers would be used to make them look stupid, would be attached to anything identifiable or would be used to make any sort of point other than what they themselves were making. I feel bad putting words in their mouths. This is kind of why I have a really broad issue with anthropology as a discipline, but I don’t think that’s something worth getting into right this moment.

What I found was that most people converged on the idea of race as “culture”, or specifically, as “cultural heritage”, saying that it’s what you’re born with, but also emphasizing that it’s not what you would become.

There were answers that only went towards social construction, and another that was simply “a person’s appearance.” One answer included “religion, beliefs and morals.”

My sample group erred older and medical, due to circumstances. Also I couldn’t get all seven people, because I panicked and couldn’t go any further with this. This is what I got.

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  1. Why did you feel like you regretted asking them the questions ? Did it make you feel uncomfortable ? Im just a little confused when you say that your putting words in their mouths and the concept behind “anthropology as a discipline”. And do you feel like when you went into the assignment with the bad mind set, that it made it one-sided ?

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