Week 1 Reflection

After learning all the week’s lecture, readings and doing the activities of asking strangers about “what is race”, there are too much information involve in my mind to understand “what is race” and what does it mean to say race is “socially constructed”. From the very beginning of the course and even from those strangers’ opinions they talked a lot about the differences of skin colors, different appearances and languages. While, something that they missed is about the socially constructed. After watching the lectures and reading materials of this week, I think I could come up with more completed definition about what is race from a socially constructed point. From the lecture that we learned history is “inextricably intertwined with concepts of race”. The concept of race is not only connects with the difference of physical aspects, but also with the cultural and socially constructed aspects. Race’s definition involves different social constructed. I also want to say that race exist due to the social exist.

The most convincing evidence that there is one single human race is from the reading part, we learn that every one of us is unique and different in terms of the combination of tens of thousands of genetically determined characteristics that we possess. While, we clearly have some traits in common with other people. We are the same species no matter how differently that we may look like, or how differently that our races are. The human traits in common in the same species could testify that there is one single race. I come from China and I’m yellow. While although I am in the different race with some of the others, but race should not set people apart from the other.

To make the conclusion, I think under different circumstances with different knowledge of aspects, race may have different meanings. Different people also have different opinions about what is race from different angles of knowledge. The most important thing that I learned from this class is race could mean a lot differences and it is socially constructed. We also need to learn the specifically different aspects about race and to learn what the knowledge behind it.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Reflection

  1. Hi Zousimin,

    My name is Austin. I enjoy reading your post and really agree with you that race has different meanings oppose to being socially constructed in the society that we live in. Even if we have different colors we still are one human being regardless of the traits that we all posses. Awesome post!


  2. I also believe that the concept of race can be tricky to wrap your head around. Like you said, it can be socially constructed and many people have different interpretations of what “race” is depending on where they grew up, outside knowledge they have, and what language they may speak. From the lectures you pulled that race is interconnected within cultural and social aspects of everyones’ lives. I think that is a great point to make, considering the activity that we had to demonstrate this week. It really got me thinking about my views on what “race” is, as well as the people I asked. As you also mentioned, we are all made up of combinations of genes and its not probable that humans could have a subspecies due to the short duration of our species on Earth. I do find it interesting that you are from China and call yourself yellow. I don’t mean to offend you, but do you claim your skin color is yellow due to the social constructs placed in our lives and what others have told you? Would you define your skin color as anything else? Just food for thought! Enjoyed your post, and it got me thinking more about my definition of “race” and how confusing the concept can really be.

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