week 1 reflection post

After this week’s activity, reading and lectures, I do believe that the race is socially structured. There is no scientific background to show there is a huge difference in our DNA. Biologically, we are the same. Human as whole are from the same race. The connotation of race is created by ourselves to separate from each other. It is also a way to identify oneself from thinking being different. Furthermore, it is a easier way to know one just based on their skin colors and other physical appearances.

I think it is valid to say that we are actually on human race after learning that we are“99.9% genetically identical. Different skin colors and other different physical appearances only accounts for 0.1% of us. Humans as a whole belong to the same race. We have not been existed long enough to develop a new race which is fundamentally different from us. And with the mating practices, our genes have been mixed together which make us the same species.

The typological model is the classification model I mostly heard while I was growing up. White people are from U.S. Black people are from Africa. Brown people are from India and middle east. I think because I am from China, people do not have a sense of different races as American does, since we live almost with the same ethic group. People tend to have a stereotype when it comes to classify their race. Until today, I still hear sentence like the black people must come from Africa.

Overall, this week’s learning really opened my eyes and changed my thoughts. Race is actually socially constructed. Scientifically speaking, we are from the same one race.

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