Week 1 Reflection Post

During the readings I seen that throughout our history we have always socially constructed race. For example, Ancient societies, like the Greeks, did not divide people according to physical distinctions, but according to religion, status, class, even language. Even though we are all one human race, we still try have divided each other according to different attributes of one another.

I believe the most convincing evidence that there is one single human race is the biology of the human body. We all have the same skull, bones, and organs. Even though on the outside we may all look different but on the inside we are all pretty much the same. I don’t really think its confusing when discussing and distinguishing the concepts of race and human biological variation. The concept of it being different human races is constructed based on our society but the biology of the human race proves that when it comes down to it there only is one human race and the physical attributes on the outside shouldn’t divide us.

When reading about the three models of classification regarding race, I realized that growing up I mostly heard about the typological model. This approach focuses on a small number of traits that are readily observable from a distance such as skin color, hair form, body build, and stature. Growing up I always thought I knew what race some one was by certain physical features. The top two characteristics I would focus on is their skin color, and the form of their hair. I regret that society has TRIED to make me that because someone skin color is different or the texture of their hair is different that they are different from me. In reality, we are all one human race and all these physical different attributes shouldn’t mean anything.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Reflection Post

  1. I also decided to write about the evidence that there is one single human race. I agree that we try so hard to distinguish ourselves as different from other human beings around us, when in reality we are still all human beings. I found the same opinion that the most convincing evidence is the biological factors of humans. Under our skin, we are still the same skeleton. I also agree with you that growing up, I heard most of the typological model to distinguish race. I too thought that race was determined by the way you looked on the outside. I soon realized it was about much more. I think that we should teach that we are one human race. We should not divide ourselves based on the color of our skin or how we look. With the world so divided, I think we need to think about how we are one human race and share more of the same characteristics than not.

  2. This is one of the topics that I touched on. I realized that growing up we were all taught that race was something that defined different ethnicity groups, but in actuality it was used to separate each group. I think that’s why it is interesting to see from a anthropologist perspective about the concept behind race. I feel like the hardest part now will be too re-program ourselves in to learning that race is just a form of ideology. but then I wonder how hard will it be to help the further generations in seeing the same thing.

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