Week one”Reflection ” on “social Constructed”?

Hello All,

Let’s have a conversation about “race being socially constructed,” Since the 1880s into more a category with describing people faces by looking at them and figuring out which identity to place them under. So far that has not help us define what race is but by how society view ones race by their ethnicity in culture such as Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, American Asians and others. What surprising are the people who I conducted in my interview talk about race as a culture, music, or someone background, but never pull together that it is base off of geographical areas or regions best describe as clinical distribution than towards another with discontinuous distribution that a trait does not change from genetics. What important are the value to understand a bit deeper in the idea of race. Race defines by groups of people, biology, and nature of their higher or lower stature, but a person culture. Cultural relativism is the core beliefs and values of any culture which need clarification in context of the cultural system that has no relation towards the standard meaning of cultural. In most times its done with participation observation in area or field of study especially in sociology and anthropology.

One of the evidence that I found that there is one single human race is by the association that we are one species with many flavors as one respondent stated in the lecture that seem to have many rays of colors, culture, and backgrounds from origins in the world. When I first reading the material I did get confuse on the theme “human biological variations,” but now seems to have some grip on the topic especially that we should have another name for race which is not link to anything biologically. The one that I am most familiar with is the typological model and more so populational model growing up because my roots are from Liberia in west Africa.

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