“What Is Race?”

When interviewing individuals in the Saginaw area, I found many different definitions of race. However, many of the answers included something about the color of their skin or their ethnicity. I learned that some individuals had the same cultural background but they referred to themselves as a different race. If individuals were a mixed race, some referred to themselves as the most dominant one and others referred to themselves as both.

The one thing that surprised me is that most individuals talked about race as part of their family history, but some referred it to everyone with that type of background. Some individuals were very specific about race, skin color, hair color, eye color and many other physical features. Other individuals focused on cultural and ethnic beliefs and views. Many focused on their heritage and background.

I learned that even though everyone can have a different opinion about race they are very open to talking about it, at least with the individuals that I interviewed. They wanted to share with me about their culture and their past family traditions based on one question about race. They were eager to teach me more about their childhoods and background.

I also learned that a lot of individuals think race is different. Some people I asked didn’t even know how to define what race they were. I asked a few younger, middle school aged, individuals and they didn’t know what race was. I think this is something important that we should start teaching them about.

One thought on ““What Is Race?”

  1. Good post! I also had a couple different responses on what race was. I found it interesting that certain people can be so passionate about the topic, while others do not care about it at all. The main response I received would be regarding to someones skin color, or culture. Others talked about how race is a privilege for some and exemption for others. So many people think they know everything about race, until getting asked the simple question. It just proves that race is just a social concept, and doesn’t exist… At least it shouldn’t exist. We need more people to be asking the question “what is race” to get others thinking if it really is something that they know about or if it actually exists. Hopefully this would help build the knowledge of more and more individuals regarding race, so that they can understand that there really is no difference between us.

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