WK1-What is Race?

During the random interviews with people about “what is race” I found that it was a sensitive subject for many people due to the major issues with racial oppression happening in communities in various states. Some people defined race has the culture a person identifies with while others defined race with the physical characteristics that a person has. Overall, there wasn’t one individual that I spoke with that could agree with race being defined as one thing. I personally believe there is only one race–the human race. I do believe that there are various ethical backgrounds and cultures. However, even with the various ethical background and cultures a person may identify with more than one culture based on their family makeup.

Of course, we all know that race has been socially constructed but the question is why do we go along with this construct. Are we afraid of what others will say to us? Do we enjoy using labels to define who a person is based on their skin tone? What I found from this activity is that no matter how hard we try to put people into a box it doesn’t work like that. Skin tone and other physical characteristics do not define a person’s intellectual capabilities, attitude, demeanor or the culture from which they identify with. It is time that we unlearn the stereotypes we have learned about people based on our own fears and lack of compassion. There is only one race–the human race and we must stand as one in order to make a difference.





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  1. Hi Domonika!

    During my questioning, I found the same reaction! People are very uncomfortable when discussing race, and no one feels confident in their answer. I believe part of this is because people are afraid of saying the wrong thing, and since race is talked about so little, many people are also very unaware about it. You posed some very interesting question that I have asked or thought of many times myself as well. I understand that some damage has already been done, but I wonder why it is taking so long to fix and change the damage. I do not know if people do not want to change, or if they simply do not know how. I think education is a good solution for this, but it must really be implemented. Often schools or universities will force one class about race that does not explain much and that many do not take seriously. I feel that courses such as this one are typically taken by students who have an interest in the subject rather than the individuals who really need the information the course provides. By implementing courses such as these could be beneficial in educating more people on race, which could help by preventing further damage. There is only one race and we need to focus on promoting this in order to redeem our society.

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