What is race?

With all that has been happening I was a little afraid to ask this question, “what is race?” I didn’t want to start a fight or bring up negative feelings to someone even though I was just looking for what their definition is.

I asked several people the question and a few of them were hesitant and said, “a race is something that you win” because they didn’t want to get into the conversation. Eventually they began to give their definition and I noticed that even though I was asking specifically about race almost everyone began to talk about the difference between race and ethnicity. A common theme for what race is to many people is what you look like and where you come from, like your bloodline, experiences, place of origin and socio economic background.

I learned that in one of the local school districts teachers need to fill out placement cards to balance out the classes as well as disperse group students with like traits and abilities. She explained that race is too broad and groups people geographically. She explained that she felt that ethnicity would be better because it gives a more in depth understanding of the person. I thought that it was very interesting that every year teachers have to fill out these placement cards.

Asking different people their definitions was really interesting to me and I really liked hearing what people thought. It seems that many people share the same ideas, race is not something that can easily be defined.

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