Analytic Post

In my personal opinion, racialization is when you make someone in society take on a practice or an identity that they would usually not identify themselves with. I think that we can see this a lot within America. Our dominant language is English, however, we are a melting pot and have taken in many different cultures. For many individuals that live in America, English is not their first language. In our society, we force them to learn English and be “Americanized”. We can see this in many communities, schools, and businesses. I have also seen it within religion. I have seen others pressured into becoming a religion that they are not through adoption or marriage. They take on another culture that they may or may not have chosen.

The Gould/Morton controversy was started by research done by Morton. He would measure skulls and then use that data to determine the level of someone’s intelligence. Studies, by Gould, have found that his measurements were wrong.

I do think that Gould’s inaccuracies lend credibility to Morton’s claims about race and intelligence. He found many instances where the numbers were not accurate. With Morton having a history of being racist, it was more believable that he would do something like this. The information that I did find interesting is that he reported raw data and stated all of the methods that he used. Scientists did say that if he wanted to hide something, it didn’t appear that he was trying to. Overall, I think that there is no link between brain size and intelligence.

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