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The concept of radicalization divides and distinguishes people based of their race and culture. It is meant to divide people into groups and discourage unity amongst people as a whole. Such as, how White America has created the stigmas around blacks as being prone to criminality, Asians being more intelligent, and Muslims being terrorists. I would begin explaining the Gould/Morton controversy to a family member by asking them if they thought intelligence were based on race, if they responded yes, as Morton did, I will begin asking why? Does brain size correlate to higher intelligence? If they responded yes, then I would give plenty of examples of animals with huge brains, where science shows that they aren’t very intelligent, such as the Silverback Gorilla, or Dolphins. Though there are many animals who have bigger brains than humans, they aren’t advanced or can initiate in verbal speech like humans can. I do not believe Goulds’ inaccuracies make Mortons’ theory more credible because as I explained before, brain size and race has no correlation to intelligence as science proves. I believe there were plenty of biases included in the first analysis, therefore a second analysis was done. In that second analysis Gould still came up with the same theory, which after years of fruitful scientific research, which proves how bias he was. This proves the previous post right. Biologists have been trying to find evidence of intellectual inferiority in all other races that aren’t European since the Eugenics movement in the 1900’s. They sought out to prove that African Americans were primitive, that’s why they were naturally athletic.

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    I enjoyed your thoughtful discussion of racialization in the United States and what it means to you. I agree with your definition of what race means to people when you think of intelligence, terrorism and criminal behavior. I think that helping to explain the term to relatives or friends who are not in this class and are not exposed to the idea or word could be more willing to listen if you explained racialization in the way you presented it. Asking open ended questions while challenging them to think in a different manner as you described is a great way to get to the root of a persons understanding and develop it deeper. I had a friend who did not want to understand that race is a problem anymore and it was tough because we were great friends so I tried this method on her and while she still doesn’t completely agree she understands that it does exist. Great post!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree with your definition of radicalization. It is basically categorizing individuals, judging them. I think that stereotyping is also used. Both terms kind of correlate. Just like you said, how individuals say Asians are more intelligent and Muslims are terrorists, those are stereotypes and categorizing these individuals by judgments. I think, as you said, this is a very much understanding concept of helping to explain to others the term of radicalization, they may not know exactly what it is and how to interpret the term.

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