Reflection 2 “Theory”

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Morton’s & Gould

This activity was very interesting because Gould discontinue 34 of the skulls that Morton use during his analysis were accurate because of 144 altogether, but Gould  data was wrong because it stated that “science is susceptible to unconscious bias” because his though that Morton data was in a racial preference or prejudiced  but merely on the subject of  Morton’s theory that, “Morton posited a straightforward correlation between brain size and intelligence,” in the article, “Stephen Jay Gould accused of fudging numbers,” by Eugenie Samuel Reich (2011).`

Concept of race

I will be addressing some very important concepts for starters we will go with feathers of racism and concept of race. In the lecture states that previous there was no history or origins of race because it was “advent of modernity” which is the possible arrival of modern style of race, but only specifies the Chinese’s to be closely talked about race. They did not use biological or natural determines, but rather followers barbarians, true religion vs false religion.  The modern race concept is assume the differences attributed to race as heritable. Along with this is the assumption that traits experienced in properties of one or another groupware unalterable which means they cannot convert to another race group in a course of lifetime for example a religious group. It has origins in religions for these very assumptions.


It stem from 12 & 20th century which had very racist view of the world which Jews is identify devils, which craft where Jews  who converted into Christians  because of Spain or Spaniards. This went on in varies institutions and practices around Europe before Jews, Muslims, and Christians live in peace. Most Christians that did not convert to Catholics died.


I would agree with the statement during that timeframe, but now we have more deeper opportunity to have information about science and the concept of race within the world. It’s asking if modern biology can cope with the many ethnicities in the world.

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