Reflection Post

In the first lecture video, it talks about how religion and Ham’s curse greatly affected those in Africa.  Last year, I took a class on Africa and we talked in depth about the Rwandan genocide.  It was between the Tutsis and Hutus.   It started when Rwanda was being colonized and the Belgians thought the Tutsis were better than Hutus because Tutsis were lighter in skin color and they were judging them off of the story of Ham in the Bible.  Therefore Hutus started to have a great disadvantage.  Rumors then started floating around that the Tutsis were not even from Rwanda and had instead migrated there, which would explain why their color was lighter.   The Tutsis were the minority while the Hutus were the majority.  The Belgians took the Tutsis under their wing and started creating better jobs for Tutsis while creating multiple hoops for the Hutus to jump through so that they could live decent lives.  This caused great conflict between the two groups.  Despite the Belgian’s blatant racial discrimination, Hutus could become Tutsis if they married into it, or if they gained a lot of wealth.  Similarly, Tutsis could become Hutu if they married down into it, or lost their property or wealth.  The Belgians then worked harder to measure facial features and define other absurd ways in which the races would be seen as absolute.   Since the Tutsis were in the minority, better off, and were seen as outsiders by the Hutus, the Hutus decided to attack.  However, because the two groups have lived in the same area for so long and there has been much intermarriage and interbreeding, experts have not found much genetic distinction between the two groups, nor much proof that the Tutsis did migrate there from northern Africa.

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