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Racism can be distinguished by a multitude of factors. The overarching theme about racism is the belief that another person’s culture or race is inferior than your own. Racism is usually based on biological features such as facial features and skin color, which are hereditary traits. This is the underlying root of racism and it leads to an elitist mindset. This connects to the European Enlighten because during this period, the Europeans believed that every other race was inferior to their own. They referred to other races as the primitive and savages, seeking to exploit and tame them using colonization. This was done through enforcing one religion and enslaving people to exploit their labor and belittle them. Racism is generational, it is used to enforce psychological trauma so the process of colonialism can be easier. It literally creates an othering of all others who aren’t European, White, and Christian. It creates a structure of hegemony, which puts Europeans at the center. You see this with time zones, how everyone other than Europe has a number greater than zero and Europe is standardized with 00. You also see it when other areas are mentioned, such as “The Middle East.” What is it east of? Was the first question I had asked. It is East of Europe, which is the set standard. I do believe that race and modern biological science grew up hand-in-hand because biologists have been using science to create theories of race for centuries. Biology disproves the idea of race and science shows us that humans of different races have more similarities than differences.

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  1. I liked the reference to Eastern Europe and that it is called Eastern because it is east of Europe that makes it the center of the world and everywhere else is just a sub country that is inferior and should be treated as such. It is an interesting statement that I completely agree with. Biological science is the root of racism because a certain group of people find that other humans that look different are inferior. They overlook the similarities that far out way the differences of appearance. It is crazy that people are just deemed inferior just because they look different than a group of people that believe that they are normal and superior to anything or anybody else. Europeans decided for themselves that they were the center of the planet and were the better people of all humans on earth. I agree with your statements and was very interested in your way of thinking about this concept.

  2. While I appreciate your general sentiments, you can look at Europe in-itself and see how they managed to start parcing-off who was ‘good’ and who was ‘bad’. Britain itself managed create a subset of lower caste people via religion: the Irish and their Catholicism, and even the Scots and and Welsh were considered inferior due to the fact that they descented from Anglicanism. This ‘othering’ was used for the Plantation policies of William of Orange and the exiling of Jacobite Scots after the 15 and 45 (many of whom were sent as slaves to America). So my point is that, elites create these divisions that allow for entire groups of people to be pushed outside of legal boundaries and exploited.

  3. I really like reading your post and I found it very interesting. I think you did a very good job while explaining the racism and elitist mindset. I knew the way Europeans think other racial or ethnic groups inferior to them, but I never thought it that way. And specially the examples of time zone and the ‘Middle East’ were really thought provoking. I agree with your statement that the European Enlightenment made Europe the center and so they have been the idea for years that all the other races are inferior to them. And the interesting thing is, even Europeans have hegemony among themselves. British people think they are better than Irish or Scottish, Italians think they are better than Corsican or Sicilian people etc; and all those who think themselves superior try to dominate over others.

    I also agree with your thought of modern biological science and racism. I think they both sort human groups in the same way; based on inheritable attributes and nothing else. So they can go hand-in-hand.

    Keep up the good and logical writing. Best of luck!

  4. I thought it was interesting how even during the European Enlightenment we were seeing signs of racism. Even back to our oldest days, we were seeing signs of racism when cultures didn’t even have a though on what race was yet. I also agree with you on the fact that this kind of culture can lead to an elitist mindset. I think this can also lead to problems not only in your society, but in the world as a whole. We see different conflicts emerging in societies because one group thinks that they are better than another. This would be solved if humans saw each other as equals. I also think that science has lead to the definition of race. Biology is what defines us. However, biology shows that there is one race. If we look solely at biology, all humans are the same and made the same. We are no different from anyone else regardless of where we are from or the color of our skin.

  5. Hello! I enjoyed reading your post. I like your statement “I do believe that race and modern biological science grew up hand – in – hand because biologists have been using science to theories of race for centuries”. I had written in my reflection post race and modern biological science did not grow up hand – in – hand. I stated “I believe people forced them to grow; over the year’s people have believed to associate them together. When science and the concept of race are totally different. They some times compliment each other but not often times relate. Race is a social constructions idea, and should be left at being that. Biological science is science. Science can be added and subtracted in varies terms. Therefore, it can’t be rules or restrictions or the biological aspect. Social aspect can be changed by man. Overall many factors can change the make up over modern biology and the concept of race.” I definitely agree that race is based from appearance such as facial features and skin color and other outer features.

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