Week 2 Analytical

I think that rationalization is the grouping together of people that look different than the other people the think of themselves as “normal”. It is looked at like those people don’t look like us so they do not belong with us and they are not normal. An example that I use is the recent uproar of police brutality and killings of black men and women because they are black. I chose this example because it fits the concept that white people want to get rid of or have power over a group of people that look different from them therefore they should be treated as though they aren’t human. These concepts were made from a social stand point and it has been growing like that ever since. White people are seen as the “race” of people that belong and they haven’t given themselves a category because they feel as though they are normal. Gould said that Morton falsified data so that his results would fit his racial beliefs. Gould tried to discount his work because he didn’t like a certain group of people. Gould said things that weren’t true just so people wouldn’t believe Morton’s findings.  Gould left out certain aspects of Morton’s experiment so that it would fit his argument that he was racial bias towards the experiment. I don’t think Gould’s inaccuracies make Morton’s findings credible because everything Morton did was straight forward and he did everything the right way. Also his findings were irrelevant to his racial biases. Gould wanted to destroy everything Morton found and discredited all of his work because of a belief that he had himself.

4 thoughts on “Week 2 Analytical

  1. Hello! I would have to say that I agree with your definition of rationalization and the example you used, I also used the same the example because I think it is a great way to explain the type of racism that is happening. I mentioned saying that all white cops are racist and we just assume that because not all white cops are racist we have ones that really want to help out with the community and keep others safe, another is that cops cant not assume all black people are carrying weapons or going to corporate with the officers and you cant assume that with all black people even though we may have the same skin color we different from one another in the inside. In your discussion you made a great point about that many of our communities issues concepts were made from a social stand point and its been growing ever since which makes a lot of sense.

  2. I could not agree with your definition of racialization any more. I also believe that people are threatened by black people and because they cannot control that race they are taking other measures to do so. I also agree with you when you stated that people that do not look like them (white people) are considered outsiders and not the norm. I also understand where you coming from when talked about white people wanting to be in power and how that is converting over to the recent events of police shootings on black men. In the end, I believe something productive needs to be done to help resolve this issue. No race is better than the next and sometimes I hate how race nat rally divides people because an individual does not look like you. When the world realize that physical appearance does not make you better than the next or entitled, will be the day the world will change for the better.

  3. I agree with you. Racialization is definitely grouping together a race, for many different reasons. Hairstyles, way of dress, certain characteristics. Examples such as black women are rude or have bad attitudes is racialization, but something you hear very often. I like your example with the police brutality. Many young african americans, especially males, are being racially profiled and losing their lives in the hands of white male officers which is a form of racialization. White people have and feel like they have a power over every other race that is not them and they sometimes use that to advantage. Although no race is better than the next, racialization makes minorities feel otherwise which makes them inferior. In this world whites are viewed as the only race that matters, as you said and minorities “do not belong.” I think you did a great job with your post and I agree with you completely. Great examples.!

  4. I do agree with your definition of racialization. I think a lot of times people will say, “oh, you don’t believe this so you aren’t like me and I don’t like that” or they will base people off of looks and then categorize the person and lump them with a group. As far as your example goes I think that I agree to a point but I do not think the police are necessarily targeting people because they are black. Do I think all cops are good? No. I think yes, there are some crooked cops but that is like every profession. If you think about it, police are humans too not a super natural force. If someone has a gun and is not complying with the law things are going to happen. For example, if a white female is waving around a gun and not listening to the police, odds are pretty good she will be shot to protect the others. My issue with a lot of this is these are things that have been happening for many years to all types of people but the media blows everything out of proportion. Information is being given out right away with no facts to back them up or there is speculation as to what is happening.

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