Week 2 Reflection

Race has many features that distinguish it from other concepts. Some of these features include being fluid and not fixed. This means that is common and possible for members of one race to mix with members from another, which results in mixed races. The concept of race is derived from the idea that certain genetic traits are heritable from generation to generation.

There is a fascinating connection between the race concept and the European enlightenment. European enlightenment was the time in which ethnologists started to divide humans into different races. This can be tracked back as basically being the creation of classifying race. This started due to the enlightenment encouraging humans to place a greater focus on the Christian afterlife instead of on spiritual life. Once people put more focus on the temporal world they were able to study what they were able to test. This created biblical teachings of race as well as began the attempts to scientifically prove race. This included using facts such as the Caucasian skull being larger as a means for determining that the Caucasian race was superior, which is almost amusing to hear now.

From what I learned from the readings this week, I would agree that modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand in hand. Modern biological science and the concept of race seek change to historical science. There is evidence of racism that can be proved by using modern science, as well as proof of development, which can teach us about the biological similarities between humans regardless of race.

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