Week 2 Reflection

Racism occurs when a particular group believes that they are superior because of their inborn biological traits and refuse to treat other groups equally. It says a lot about the features of racism. Vanity, arrogance, hatred, narrow outlook, stereotypes, misjudgment, discrimination – all of them derives from racism. During the European Enlightenment, the society moved away from Bible and reformed their ideas about literature, arts, politics, philosophy and science. Society took a new turn where people could differentiate themselves in the light of those economic, political and cultural changes and these differences introduces racism in a more complex and profound way.

There are many distinguished features of racism. Ignorance is one of them. When an ethnic group believes that other groups are meant to be dominated, they often don’t feel the necessity of learning about them and accepting them. Ignorance creates stereotypes, miscommunication and misjudgment. Some examples would be the belief that all Indians are uncomfortable with English; or all Asians are bad drivers; or all Arab women are submissive; or all Muslims are connected with ISIS. Racism is also a major cause of discrimination and colorism like having the idea that a white person would be better that a black person, or an American guy would be better than an Arab woman. And also, racism creates hatred and conflicts. Hitler thought the Jews were inferior and this idea led millions of lives to death, and such hate crimes still continues.

Modern Biological science defines race as a group of humans categorized by sets of heritable characteristics like skin color, language etc. And the concept has great similarity with the idea of racism as they both identify the importance of inheritable traits. So I agree with the concept that “Modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand-in-hand.”

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  1. I thought it was very interesting that you brought up in your post that some of the features of racism are ignorance and misunderstanding of another group of people. I think that this is an interesting way to explain a couple of the different facets that make up racism. When people of one group do not understand or are not willing to learn about a group of people that they perceive as being different from themselves, I think that that is when problems arise. This lack of understanding or willingness to learn about different people allows those who are doing the judging to think of them as this group of “others” that should be avoided or feared.
    I too agreed with the statement provided in the prompt about the relationship of the concept race and modern biology. Science was previously used to try to support the biological existence of race, but every time it was shown that there is no singular genetic trait that separates one perceived “race” from another.

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