Week 2 Reflection

The distinguishing factors of racism is the separation between the different types of people and lowering the value of a specific group of person compared to another. People will categorize a specific group of people and make it seem like they don’t belong because they are different and they will act like the different people aren’t normal so they should be treated less and not giving equal treatment and opportunities in life. In the earlier years of racism black people were treated as heathens because of who their ancestors were and the white people thought that that trait couldn’t be altered so all the black people were grouped together and treated like animals because of preconceived information that they didn’t have any evidence of. The race concept and the Enlightenment are connected because the race concept says that race was formed through religion and Enlightenment was about humans being equal and one common ground with other humans instead of bringing god into the situation and categorizing groups of people depending on what their god says or who their god is. Religion was the first step to the creation of racism and the Enlightenment are trying to get people to make decisions and handle situations with other humans and not go off of what they think god wants from them and says about another person. I do agree with the statement that biological science is connected to the concept of race because race only came about because there were humans that looked different than each other the the dominate race wanted to categorize them. I think the statement suggests that people are being treated unfairly because of how they look and what their physical appearance is instead of knowing them as people.

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