Week 2 – Reflection

I think that the statement, “Modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand-in-hand”, is very true. I think when we look at history, there are many times that race did not exist. There was nothing in history that showed such a distinguishable comparison between races than in modern times. I think that race has become something that is passed down through generations. We can see that you get your race from your family. However, there are a wide variety of races in society today. I think that, in the past, there were very distinct groups when it ever came to the concept of race. However, today there are many individuals with mixed race. We can also contribute different factors to race. As technology and communication started to advance, we found different groups in societies. Our race was no longer just defined from our heritage. We can also look at religions and where you live in the world. Many individuals distinguish themselves by religion. Over time, the different developments (such as Samuel Mortons study of the size of the skull) have opened new doors into the concept of race. We see individuals distinguishing groups of people by how they are constructed biologically.

When we look into developing concepts of race, we can also see the concept of racism developing. We see instances such as World War II and other extreme types of racism through out our history. I do believe that our history with the concept of race and racism through out time have shaped how we are as a society.

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