Week 2 Reflection

Racism is a concept that we have all been exposed to during at least one point in our lives.  This idea of exclusion has been present through almost all of our modern history.  One group of people with common characteristics is often excluded from the rest of society despite any real motive behind it whatsoever.

In terms of external characteristics, or ethnicity, being the prime reasoning behind this exclusion, Africans have been one of, if not the most, ostracized groups in our modern history.  Going back to early anglo saxon exploration, Africans were seen as inferior due to their unfamiliar skin pigmentation and cultural attributes.  We then decided to take unfair ownership over these people and quoted the bible for validation.  Fast forward to the early 1900s, these people are still be widely oppressed in America.  Jim Crowe Laws restrict them from an extreme amount of predominantly normal rights due to their skin color.  They are beaten and often times killed just for being who they are.  Although this system of laws has long since been abolished, Africans and other minorities are still being victims of atrocities throughout our own nation and for what?  Because they look different from whites?  Because Morton claimed they were more ‘obedient’ and ‘inferior’ to whites?

However, Africans are far from the only people to be oppressed as victims of racism.  Internal characteristics, such as certain religions, are constantly being ostracized and abused for what they believe in.  Historically, the most notable is the genocide of the Jews during WWII.  However, this eugenic extermination is unfortunately far from being the only example.  Even today we are having to deal with religious extremists who are attempting to “purify” the world.

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