Week 2 reflection

According to the content introduced in this week’s material. Europeans used to explain their surroundings with the connection of god and nature, which is also the general and popular idea of the way understanding the world in Europe. However, the Enlightenment involves the thinking that people should govern themselves and use scientific methods to comprehend and study the world around them instead of God. This makes the racial concept transformed from “God’s will” into a more systematic, scientific and reasonable fashion of general idea explanation. For instance, the idea of dividing superior groups and inferior groups with the size of skull, which tend to observe physical differences rather than religious believes.  And, although his idea is proved to be unethical and false nowadays, Louis Agassiz and his insists on groups in distinctive colors, as long as the statement known as “Type of Mankind”, which proclaimed that some groups are born to be superior and others are inferior to serve. Let’s don’t forget Darwin and his cousin’s thesis. Darwin agrees the idea of “the Survival of the fittest”, means the more suitable ones deserve the rights to become superiors upon those are not. While he introduce a new idea called “Eugenics”, which means inferior groups can be improves by the spread of breeding.

Base on my conclusion, the original concept of race in Europe is based on God’s thinking and religious believes, they insisted that God created all species and therefore God divided the superior group and inferior group inherently. Hence the Europe Enlightenment introduced the idea that using critical and scientific think to consider human surroundings, which also showed the emergent of thinking scientifically and systematically all around the world.

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