Week 2- Reflection Post

My analytical summary of this week’s readings and lectures distinguishing racism would be that in lecture one Origins of the race concept they mention that religion has become apart of our race, and would have to say that is true because many people stereotype others because of their ethnicity and maybe they don’t even practice that religion, one thing they mentioned in the lecture was that “God created all humans in his image and offers all humans the possibility of redemption”, which is true because god created us all to be equal even though we are different from the outside we are all the same in the inside and your religion or intelligence should not matter at all. The European Enlightenment was at a place where they started to divide people into different races depending on how they look for example white and black people, other people said other wise for example Morton and Gould argued that your race and intelligence really depended on your skull measurement and that whites were more intelligent than blacks, which I don’t not agree because your race or intelligence should definitely not matter because of the way your skull is measured and or even your religion, I feel as though If you are a Jew and want to practice Christianity I believe you should people in general should not be characterized because of what they believe in and who they are as a person. I believe “Modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand in hand”, because its all about the growth, distribution, and identity all tie in together because we all grow as one, we share something with one another, and we all have different identity which makes us different and unique from one another.

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