Week 2 Reflection Post

Personally, from what I have learned in this class and what I perceived racism to be prior to this class. I think that the overarching feature of racism is treating a group, individual, or idea as inferior or different because of a distinct difference from oneself. To me it is not hard to distinguish the very blatant forms of racism that we see everyday in the media. It is harder to distinguish what extent someone can be treated differently because of their difference from yourself. I think a perfect example of racism that is subtle is that many people may associate black individuals with not being able to swim. Although this is not a mean or harmful accusation, it is a very broad generalization of a characteristic of some black people. This to me is a form of racism. I believe that racism is something that we all engage in everyday whether we mean to or not in this sense. An example of this is when we describe someone by their skin color. I have heard in the past someone describing someone by saying the “Mexican or black person”. Although they are just trying to inform you whom they are talking about they are labeling these people by their skin tone. If a half black was more white, they could be labeling them as a white person instead of black and it just proves that although it is not a harmful form of racism it is still racism. It is hard to breakaway from the stigma we have with using racist characteristics with associations and describing terms. However, whether racism be obvious or subtle when we treat or view someone as different because of their unique features that our different from ours I believe that is a form of racism.

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  1. It definitely is more difficult to distinguish to what extent someone may be treated differently due to their race. I think this is also because of the different reasons and ways in which people racialize others. As you mentioned, some forms of racism include generalizations of members of a certain race, while others are more discriminatory and use more action against other races. The problem with this is that even the most minor form of racism can result negatively. This is because when people have misconceptions about a group, they are more likely to be fearful of them. Sometimes people think members of another race are more violent and aggressive than they are. This fear causes them to act out against these groups, or treat them badly because they believe that they are lesser. There has also been a lot of discrimination in the past, which has made it harder to decrease differences.

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