Week 2 – Reflection Post

I do think the following statement is true, “Modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand-in-hand.” I think that when you look at the past people in general were so separated until places began to be discovered. When these new places were discovered people started judging people based off of their appearances because they looked a little different. “Racism exists when one ethnic group of historically collectively dominates, excludes, or seeks to eliminate another on the basis of differences that it believes are hereditary and unalterable.” I think education plays a very large role in this. Often times I think young children growing up are very influenced by their immediate surroundings, like their parents, and if they see their parents acting a certain way or saying things in a negative way they pick up on it and carry it on. So if a parent is teaching their kids that oh that person looks different they are bad the kid will believe that and stay away from them.

Not only is it education from parents but also religion too that causes the issue of race, “The official rationale for enslaving Africans was that they were heathens, but slave traders and slave owners sometimes interpreted a passage in the book of Genesis as their justification.” As society began to grow more and more people kept spreading words and causing dislikes of things that should have never been disliked. In the end we are all people trying to make our way in the world.

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  1. I have to agree with you. Definitely education and religion play a role in determining these types of behaviors. Parents often don’t realize how much of what they do is absorbed and imitated by their child. As for religion I thought it was very interesting in this unit how people would justify these behaviors with the Bible. There was universalism under the church which stated that we were all equal under the eyes of God, yet somehow they were able to find a loophole to justify the wrong that they were doing. In this case the curse of Ham.
    People will always find ways to justify their actions, wether it’s through education, religion or science. Some people, however, will go through more lengths than others to do so. Another example of this could be seen with Morton and Gould. They both wanted to prove what they believed so badly, that they let their scientific views become biased.

  2. I love how you connect education into the overarching theme of the culture of racism. It appears to me that in its advent, the concept of race was furthered by the disparity in education between nobles and commoners. When an uneducated person is faced with the complexity of life, and forced to grapple with the thought of “why,” they look to the institution of the highest knowledge; religion. When religion in Spain pointed the finger at the Jews, that hateful education was passed around, one person to the next, until it became a societal norm, a common mentality. Another interesting connection here is that when an educational environment discriminates against a certain ‘race’ the reinforcement of those stereotypes trains not only those in the upper castes, but also cements the idea of inferiority within those of lower castes. The disparity in education is a tool of racism, as we also saw in the early versions of the IQ test, which was incredibly biased against non-whites.

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