Week two Reflection post

This weeks lectures and readings talked a lot about race and everything that comes with it, from racism, to racialization. Most terms I was familiar with but racialization was new to myself. This term helped put a word to basically how people are learned and taught to be racist in direct or indirect ways. A lot of people never realize mom and dad were really racist against a particular race since it may have happens more frequently when you were younger and then when you were older it wasn’t as common. ( I know I have experienced this) Some people were raised in a different time where honestly it was the norm to think like that, is this an excuse no way! Although if there was no reaching out to explain the wrong styles of thinking to this generation then why do we expect it to dwindle away? Race I believe to the degree of helping describe people in a physical or cultural manner but in many ways just because someone looks Indian or Italian doesn’t mean they follow the general labels or stereotypes that follow along with that race. Modern science like the faulty study of head size to brain size that were just plain wrong dont help the fight to eliminate racism, but some science has gone to help show that in the end we are all human subjects. How science could go to prove people being racist is wrong seems silly to me though, it shouldn’t take science to remind the entirety of the human race that we are one single race and that is the one of homo-sapiens.

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