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The distinguishing feature of racism in this passage mainly focuses on Jewish people. Mainly, this lecture focuses heavenly on Christians of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Argon trying to convert Jews. Christianity seems to be a majority religion in these two Spaniard countries. Jewish people were focused to were a yellow badge to identify their religion. The badge made it easier to identify who has convert to Christianity. After the four-month span, if a person has not converted they are kilt on spot. Once a person has converted the Christianity they are still not able to hold to be a member of society. They can not participate in activities such as becoming a conquistador. Conquistador are men or women who travel the world in search of new discoveries. What is known a Spain today was an anti Jewish colony. The King and Queen made Jewish people have papers similar to a modern day birth certificate to prove he/ or she is pure Jewish, and signing the form is blood.
I don’t think Modern biological science and the concept of race grew up hand in hand. I believe people forced them to grow; over the year’s people have believed to associate them together. When science and the concept of race are totally different. They some times compliment each other but not often times relate. Similar to clothes, they clothes are nice but they compliment when seen together. Race is a social constructions idea, and should be left at being that. Biological science is science. Science can be added and subtracted in varies terms. Therefore, it can’t be rules or restrictions or the biological aspect. Social aspect can be changed by man. Overall many factors can change the make up over modern biology and the concept of race.

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  1. Hello! I found your reflection post to be very interesting! One part which particularly stuck out to me was when you mentioned that people forced modern biological science to grow with race. I had not thought about it in this manner, and after thinking about it, I agree with you! In the past (and unfortunately still today) people expected others to look and believe certain values, and if you did not uphold to this standard you were labeled an outsider. It’s very upsetting to know the extreme measures that were taken in the past to those who did not fit the “normal” religious or “race” standard. Race is more of a social construct, as you said, and this really shows the extent that. Why is it so hard for people to believe that everyone has different ethnicities or a different belief system? Great post, it really made me think of this week’s materials in a new way!

  2. Hello Danyale,

    I thought your metaphor of race and science working as clothes to be very true and enlightening as I never thought about the way they can sometimes be construed as going “hand in hand” when in reality people just enjoy categorizing the research they believe to go hand in hand to further reinstate their own agenda. I thought it was horrible that Christians, the dominant group in power, in Spain essentially exiled and persecuted Jewish people and then systematically did not let them hold positions in their country regardless of the fact that they converted to Christianity. I think this idea is the same as what we as a society are doing to the Black Americans expect not religiously but by race. So when I was reading the piece on this persecution I was relating to current events here in the United States. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on the segregation of an entire population in Spain!

  3. I like your post very much. The way I figure it, The Enlightenment really helped to accelerate the process of Western countries’ ideology development, which switched the general idea of considering people’s surrounding with God’s theory to using scientific methods to conclude academic point of view to illustrate mysteries around them. although those theories might be misunderstood the truth, some of them still were on the correct path. Compares to Louis Agassiz’s idea, which is white people have priority on black people, Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” and his cousin’s Eugenics theory were more systematic and scientific without too much personal feeling’s involved. However, the idea of defining superiority and inferiority depending on the size of skull represented expressing scientific idea with tests and experiments, but still it is wrong to divide human with subspecies.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your take on this week’s lecture. I do not agree with Queen Elizabeth and King Henry forcing people to change their religion just because they had the power to do so. If someone decide a religion to follow then they should be able to commit to that but instead they were forced to change if they wanted to live. I still do not understand why they needed to convert over to something they did not believe in. When you really think about it though, forcing the, to another religion did not matter because in their heart, Christianity is not what they believed in so they may have still practiced their true religion behind closed doors. Also, what was really the point of conversion if they could not do anything of the same things as people who chose this religion from the beginning. On top of that, they were considered an outside even though they converted over to Christianity. This whole process just shows how people abuse their power simply because they can. In my opinion, there was no valid reason why they were given an ultimatum of converting or instantly being killed after four months if they did not decide to become Christians.

  5. Hey,

    Just a few notes on your history, or grasp of it. Queen Elizabeth and King Henry presided over England, and not at the same time. Not to mention there were a lot of King Henrys and two Queen Elizabeths.
    If you are talking about Spain, you are probably speaking of Ferdinand and Isabella, who oversaw the Inquisition and Reconquista. But yeah, the whole Elizabeth and Henry thing is puzzling as neither were even alive during the period discussed with Spain, and neither a Henry or Elizabeth ever ruled simultaneously, with the only two Elizabeths ever being Protestant, where as Spain was a catholic Monarchy ruled by House Tudor as opposed to Bourbon, at least in the era in question. Perhaps this is lack of clarification on your part, but its deeply confusing considering Protestants treated Catholics in England as hostily as Jews, and vice versa in Spain with Protestants, not to mention Elizabethan England has almost no Jews in it in the first place.

  6. I agree that race and real biological science did not develop hand in hand. I know that when Europeans were colonizing Africa, they used “science” in the form of saying that people with this size of nose were this race and people of that height were that race and tried to determine races based off of those things that they could readily see. However, now we know that race has such little basis in our genetics that it can be negligible. Even today, however we have misconceptions of biology and race. Today, many, many people are under the impression that sickle cell anemia is a disease that only blacks can get. This, however, is not true. Though I myself was astounded to find this out, sickle cell anemia is found primarily in certain parts in Africa where high concentrations of blacks are. This is why black people get affected with it so much more than whites and leads to the misconception that whites cannot get it. But even in this example, there is nothing differentiating white and black people.

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