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This week we weire required to watch the film, “We Are All Neiggroupdhbours”. The film gave insight on two groups. The two were the Muslims and Catholics. The film gave insight on how the two groups were extremely close and valued each others company. These two groups lived by providing for their families and taking care of their homes. Once the war began the men had to leave and fight for their country, while the women stayed home and cared for their families.  As the women were staying home and caring for their families they began taking up all of the task that the men had before they left. Women during the war to stay aware of what was going on during the war, they would gather other families together to hear the news. Many of the women did not have jobs. The war changes began to change the way that the two groups interacted with one another. They soon began to split apart and not interact with each other. Many of the families lost their homes and were dying. With the separation between the groups it seem to have been a lot of mistrust. One of things that seemed to help a little with the tension between the groups was ethnic cleansing. With the cleansing it helped with major changes with in the religion.  Even though it seemed to separate the religions further. But it made people began to make choices. I think the film helped me understand some of the bad happening in other countries.

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