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At the beginning of the film, two groups were introduced. These two groups were the Catholics and the Muslims. Their relationship appeared to be great at the begging of this film. The two groups looked to be close and respected one another. I feel like they appeared to be close regardless of the different beliefs that each group shared.

The war brought on a number of different changes for men and women. The men during the war had to leave the home to fight in the war. While the men were away at war, the women had to take care of the family. Women, at this time, were stay at home parents and did not usually have jobs. I think the negative effect of this war was that it separated families. No one knew how to handle the aftermath of war and the trauma that this war caused not only physically but mentally as well.

I think that, overall, the war divided these two groups. The Catholics and the Muslims were now divided and you can clearly see that they were not as close. The close relationship was no more and the respect for the other group had disappeared.

Ethnic cleansing was taking out a certain group from the culture. This situation made me think of extreme racism. They were removing these individuals from society when their beliefs didn’t mirror their beliefs. They resorted to many different things to remove these individuals from their society, the most extreme being murder. Overall, I think that it was an extreme way to respond to individuals being scared.

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  1. I greatly enjoyed reading your post about the movie we watched. One of the more interesting aspects you brought up, and a common theme in the movie, is the role that religion plays in conflicts. If you look back at the vast and sprawling history of wars across the world, religion is at the center of many of them. It is interesting at how religion is both an intensely personal issue and such a divisive one. Unlike an issue like race which is an outward characteristic, religion is an inward, faith-based characteristic that is a private matter. Yet it continues to cause divisiveness across the world, and not just between religions that are seen as very different. In Ireland (and across Europe at one time or another) Catholics and Protestants have battled to the point where people were killed. These are two divisions of one overarching religion (Christianity) that have many more similarities than the division between Islam and Christianity. I wonder if the world will ever get to a point of peaceful coexistence of different religion.

  2. I like that you pointed out the changes that war brings to families, it tears them apart and completely changes lives. Religious tensions that were previously not felt, escalated to an insane level, leading to mass murder, rapes, and so many other gruesome acts. I agree with you whole heartedly that war is a devastating trauma on both a physical and mental level. The war increased and created religious tensions that previously were not felt, or were kept in check. Ethnic cleansing and genocide is absolutely the most extreme racism can get. It is an abhorrent way to respond to religious, racial or cultural differences. Bosnia is still dealing with what happened, and the people that were hurt or killed. There are still so many victims to identify, and still so many displaced Bosnians and then so many other consequences and victims. It is so hard to grasp that so much pain and hate was caused by perceived differences. In the end, we are all human.

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