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One of the interesting portions of this weeks reading assignments was the reading about Manuel Gamio. There are clearly two very different cultural groups in Mexico. There are the Europeans and the native individuals. There are issues on how to govern the population in a fair way, which will allow every individual in the population to live their culture. I thought that the issue of the Mexican constitution was interesting. In his opinion, it didn’t take into consideration the actual needs of the Mexican individuals in the country but favored the European individuals in the population. I think that to cater to the needs of everyone, he had the right idea about looking into the cultures and needs of the different individuals and catering the law towards that. They also went into the different lifestyles of the two groups. The individuals that have lived there are used to their ways and do not want to modernize their living situations. The Europeans are developed. They want to make advancements to the society that they are living in. I agree that the nation needed to find one way to bring both cultures together. His solution of blending the cultures was a very good idea. If each group could meet in the middle, neither would be uncomfortable living in this environment. If you changed the culture to the culture of the natives, the Europeans would feel uncomfortable and probably end up leaving the country. If you tried to modernize the current natives, they would be overwhelmed. You would be forcing them into a lifestyle that they aren’t used to. I think, like he said, if the country is going to lean towards any lifestyle they should lean towards the native lifestyle. They will know more about the land that they are living on and be able to help the Europeans coming in to make the best advances for the land. I think the main issue for these two groups is learning how to respect one another. If they can find away to work with each other, the country will benefit. If they continue to fight and take sides, the country will not come together.

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  1. Hey, good post! I also liked the reading on Manual Gamios protocol for Mexico to move forward and grow as a country. I thought it was interesting to read about the issues that take place in Mexico. I had no idea that there were over fifty native languages there still being used today. That alone would make it tremendously difficult to even find a common ground in figuring out what is the best solution for Mexico. I also found it interesting that within Mexico there are a few different cultures that go about how they live very differently than one another. The tribe that is hunting and fishing to survive and living naked deep in the mountains are not going to find education as important as others do. Mexico needs to find a more universal way to communicate so that everyone can be involved with decisions. It will be hard for certain groups to follow the ideologies of a constitution if it is irrelevant towards there life style. Without finding some sort of unity and respect for one another, it will be a difficult task for Mexico to make strides forward together as a country.

  2. Hi Saintsou,
    My name is Austin. I really enjoy reading your post about Manuel Gamio. I like the two distinction about the two different cultural groups in Mexico with being the European and Native individuals. Because they really was not happy about letting foreign people take over their agriculture or business development without their influence in the matter or situation. I agree with you that many oppositions were toward the Native that live in Mexico which was not down to help them at all in more railroads or anything in production of the matter. I agree with you too that they need to find a common ground for both groups to come together. It did spoke about going towards the Native of the community to be closer to the land in Mexico. This will help out the Country a lot in the long run of development and benefit them more.

  3. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your post on the article about Manuel Gamio! It was interesting to learn about the different culture groups living within Mexico and to read about the divide of Mexico through the eyes of one of her inhabitants. I appreciate that Gamio was concerned about the Mexican people because the constitution didn’t actually take their needs into consideration, but favored the Europeans instead. While his focus took the Mexican native into consideration, the proposed solution is still acculturation, which walks a fine line with assimilation. In my post, I mentioned how I thought his ideas were a bit idealistic because he was talking about “Indianizing” the Europeans. In order to successfully blend two cultures in the way he’s suggesting, there has to be a mutual respect between those cultures, which is something that was lacking in Mexico. There’s still the idea of the Mexican native as the “other” and even though we’re talking about blending cultures, there will always be an idea of European superiority.

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