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This week’s activity was very impressive. The video called “We Are All Neighbors”, from personal perspective, is more like a tragic than a happy story. In the beginning, the video presented us two distinctive religion groups lived together, which were Muslims and Catholics. It’s not hard to see that they coexisted and helped each other out, which is, I believe, most of us wish to see. However, as the war took place, this situation turned down sharply. First, men joined the war and left their hometown, so women remained there had to take over men’s job and took care of their families. As the two groups were getting along with each other while in the past, they tend to look after other families. A series of hard work made the women appeared to be lazy and tired in their leisure times. As they began to make choices to decrease their work, the separation between the Muslim and Catholics tend to be obvious and irreversible. As a result, the relationship between two religious groups broke up and were cut off.

Base on what I think, this video presented me the cruelness and inhuman of what war bring upon citizens, war breaks up good relationships between families and sacrifice the happiness and bright future of families, in exchange of a victory. Such awful things must be stopped and prohibited in order to build a peace environment for all of us to live in. And since two different kinds of religious groups were shown in the video, I say all religions around the world should unite together and live peacefully with each other while insisting their own believes, instead of creating conflicts and having battle with others.


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  1. I agree, what puzzled and made me sad to hear was that war was able to break a bond between neighbors and friends. Family was torn apart in later history to face that sad repercussions of death and disparage. The women’s tasks obviously became much more strenuous considering their new tasks while their counterpart was in war. I disagree that all religions around the world should unite because I can never see that physically happening. However, spreading peace, teaming up to stop radial jihads, especially at a time like 2016, is the time. Terrorism will soon take over, if each religion cannot recognize that, their whole faith is not the target, however, the radicals within that faith is. This, in my opinion, is hard for people to do. That is because the religious ministers and preachers see themselves as an inner enemy rather than separating between church and state, evil and holy. For instance, the Muslim – Middle Eastern- “race” is not the issue, the hijab is not the issue, and neither is their religion. The radical terrorists that come from that location and distinction, in fact, are the issue and even the people within their own faith need to see that person is an enemy of everyone, not just some.

  2. The video and the story that it presented was truly tragic. One of the most unfortunate things that I found about the video was that in the beginning both religious groups worked well together, and got along. This was unfortunate to me because it just showed how there was no natural reason for hatred or fear of either group, and without any problems their differences do not affect one another. War does not only affect the general situation, but it also causes prolonged fear and dislike of other groups. It is very sad to see people being torn apart. In an ideal world, people would come together during the hard times of a war and help each other even more instead of turning against one another. I feel as though the war is only partially at fault. If people focused more on being human and loving one another there would be less issues that would be able to tear groups apart.

  3. The movie is sad, and it is sad to see how a community of intertwined relations can so quickly come apart due to the decisions of people not affiliated with the local community. Thinking about the readings this week, I wonder if the professor is using them as examples of how the state can create racial groups and racial division and project it onto the populous. The leadership in Zagreb and Belgrade were helping to fuel this conflict, not the neighbors. The same goes for Supreme Court cases that defined who was Asian, and these decisions shaped attitudes in the US. The evolution of ‘whiteness’ is another example of the state defining who belongs to what race and shaping not just legal but social and community norms. The readings and film this week showed just how powerful the state is in defining how a society sees race.

  4. I agree with you. The video was truly a tragic. It was such a shame to see the relationship with the two religious groups dwindle. This was intriguing to see especially because, at the beginning of the film they cooperated so well together. This is a clear example of how fear can tear friendships apart thus cause tensions between communities to build. I believe the state and the populous Croatians were the ones to instigate the mistrust for Muslims first. Their intentions were widespread but I feel as though the people as a whole should have first identified what was going on earlier, so they could counteract the state. I don’t really know if they would have been successful in their attempts, but it just feels as though there was a misunderstanding on both groups. With that beings said, I really enjoyed your final few statements of your post even if I’ve heard similar statements made before. Its worth hearing it again because it seems as though all of us are still not understanding how damaging it is to stigmatize a group of people because of their religious beliefs.

  5. I agree that the movie was very disturbing because it tore apart 2 nationalities that were working with each other and blended with each other in order to have a better living situation during the early parts of the war. It was sad to hear that the Muslim people were blindsided and betrayed by the Croatians. They thought that they were safe and the last thing they were expecting to happen was the group of people that they united with turning against them and trying to drive them out of their land. They were comfortable and ready to live their lives given the conditions that they were given because of the war. The war brought 2 nationalities together just to rip them apart from each other. It is really unfair that people who weren’t even involved in the war were affected so much by it. It was a very unfortunate thing that happen for 2 defenseless nationalities.

  6. I liked the beginning of this video. The Muslims and the Catholics were getting along and appeared to genuinely care for each other. It was nice to see this because it is a situation that you don’t see a lot in today’s society. The video showed the affects of war on a society and on families in general. It showed how it could very easily tear people apart. I too noticed the turning point in the video where the two religious groups no longer got along. I agree with you that the video showed the real affects of war and the strain it can put on an individuals life. I think that if society could function more like we saw in the beginning of the video, we would have much less conflict. If individual groups could respect each other, we would solve most of the problems in our country and in our world.

  7. This video makes me feels sad. At the beginning of it, the two groups of people live together harmoniously. They are close friends and care for each other. When the war break out, people become enemies instantly for the only purpose of picking a side. This is so sad that it seems like they are fighting for their beliefs and religious, but they are not. Muslims believe in the idea of obeying Allah and realize peace. Catholic focus on the universal ethics. No religious has ever promote the idea to win or feel superior to others through war by killing and hurting people. We may have different worship god in our hearts, while we all pursue the same things which are the truth, goodness and beauty in life. Religion is nothing about egotism. People can be manipulated to fulfill a small amount of people’s purposes like political one. People should be conscious enough that religion is our backbone, but not weakness to others.

  8. I agree with you. Its so sad and unfortunate that individuals can be great friends one minute then hate each other, the next minute, because of their religious beliefs. I think war always brings out the worst and hate in people. There’s never a happily ever after when war is involved. People die, people become hateful, and a lot of families finances change which causes to break up happy homes. I wish instead of war, we could come together peacefully and talk the problems out. It will save people from heartaches and distress that war brings. Overall the movie was sad and heartbreaking but it did give insight on what war can bring.

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