Week 3 Activity Post

i. Bosnia is mostly made up of Croats, Serbs, and Muslims. Two thirds of them are Muslim while one third are Catholic. Toward the beginning of the film it showed how all neighbors got along and would help each other out regardless of their religious beliefs. When it came to marriage, you didn’t see people marry outside of their religion, because it would cause to many issues, but none the less neighbors helped each other out.

ii. The war brought many changes for both men and women. The men no longer had the opportunity to work, they either had to go to war or help out around the house, chopping wood and gathering goods. The men would go out at night in groups to protect their homes from being burned or shelled. For the men that did go to war, the women had to do double up with their normal household chores just to get by.

iii. As the war grew it became harder to continue on with their usual activities. It became too dangerous to go outside and visit people that they would regularly and it was too hard to trust one another. They felt that if their neighbor from a different religion came by, it was because they were ordered to be spied on.  At the beginning of the film one group mentioned how they will work this out and figure out a way to live together. When the film finished that same group said it is impossible to live together now and their actions are unforgivable.

iv. Ethnic cleansing is the driving away or killing of ethnic or religious groups that do not have the same views as you.  The Catholics thought it was necessary to get rid of the Muslims  by killing them and burning their homes so that they would leave.


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