Week 3 Activity Post

i. The religious identities of those groups in the beginning of the movie both identify as Catholics and Muslims. Their relationship seemed to be very good and close. They were always on good terms with one another. They had respect for each other. They lived together for many years. They were all great friends with great communication skills, even though they had different cultural backgrounds.

ii. The war brought on change for men and women. After the war, the men were no longer able to do for their families as much as they were before. They were not as stable as they used to be. They no longer had the opportunity to work, they had to do more house chores or go to war. Women were depressed, had to do all the domestic work while men went to war. Everything changed, the war was just too much for people to handle.

iv. The war brought on a complete difference between the two groups. Their friendship that was established before, was now thrown away. They were no longer great friends but became strangers, became enemies. They no longer had respect for each other. There was completely no communication. The war changed everything. It brought tension to the group. They were on opposite sides, never saw eye to eye. Everything was destroyed.

v. Ethic cleansing was similar to forced deportation. It meant to forcefully remove a certain group whose belief was different from themselves. Killing was a reasonable way of doing this.



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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on our Activity Post. I agree with Muslims and Catholics were close in friendship. From the movie it indicated people were neighbors for forty years. Their forty-year friendship was broken because of a war in Croatia. The war was battling people in Yugoslavia to convert Muslims to become Catholic; and expand Croatia. The war did change the men and women lifestyles of Yugoslavia. Men had left their home to battle in the war. Young men as early as the age of thirteen went to war to battle for their country. That created other problems for women; they had to take care of inside and outside household duties. The change women have dealt with was similar. The ethnic cleanse purified people was a sad way to change the country. In my opinion people are power crazy and money hungry. Either one of these reasons could be the cause of Croatia trying to take over Yugoslavia.

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