Week 3 Reflection

What did the United States government do to defend the rights of local whiteness? A perfect example will be a series of laws and treaties carried out to prohibit and limit Chinese immigration during the 1800’s. It’s not heard to see that early- arrived Chinese labors made contributions to American society in many distinctive places like mining in gold mines and building railways, and originally, there were no limitations on Chinese immigration. As the rapid increase number of Chinese immigrants emerged, local non-Chinese residents and labors found them as a threat to job opportunities and their own rights, so anti-Chinese groups were established and compel the government to pass laws to prohibit Chinese immigration. During this special time period, various of treaties and laws were passed, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, which noticed that all Chinese immigration behaviors must be inhibited in order to protect non-Chinese residents’ rights. This action took place in America seriously affected the relationship between the United States and China. Let’s not forget those particular licenses acquired to be presented by the Chinese residents as they were performing business and other formal actions, and as the 1868 Burlingame-Seward Treaty with Chinese government passed with the support of anti-Chinese discrimination and efforts, which made the living situations of Chinese residents much more harder than before, as a matter of fact, the relationship with Chinese government grew more complicated.

During the late 1800’s, United States government began to seek negotiation with China and hoped to find passages to fix their relationship. So they transferred the general prohibition to allow-but-limit circumstance, however, this condition sharply turned down as the revision of Geary Act and the publish of the Scott Act. As a result, the altitude with China tend to be worse than before. As a reflection, Chinese government controlled by merchants passed the anti-American boycott in 1890’s, but quickly and silently disappeared as the merchants lose control of the government.

As a international student, especially from China, I find this article very interesting, although I insist a moderate opinion on the limitation of Chinese immigration limitation. I think the actions took place in America in 1800’s rational and incorrect. It can be rationally explained that United States government and anti-Chinese groups try to protect their own rights, society balance and job opportunities, but yet I believe all human beings have rights to choose and live.

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  1. I thought you hit the nail on the head as to the role that the United States government played in discrimination. For me, there are two interesting portions of your reflection. For one, I am interested why this time in our history and this amount of racism is not addressed in our high schools. Up until this class, honestly, I was not made aware of the vast amount of racism the US government perpetuated against the Chinese, Japanese, and Eastern Europeans. We are often taught about our country’s propensity to discriminate against African-Americans while we clearly have a much more robust relationship with discrimination. I also think it is interesting that the United States’ discrimination was downplayed once there was an economic benefit to dealing with China. Money became involved and suddenly the US was this country that welcomed its newfound friends with open arms. Had a economic benefit not had been found, I imagine the legislation would have continued much longer into the mid and late 20th century.

  2. The historical ways in which the government has attempted to protect local whiteness truly enlighten me. It is hard to believe that such discriminatory acts were actually passed as laws through the government. What I find most frustrating about this is the fact that the United States was never an inherently white nation to begin with. It belongs to the Natives, who the whites simply took over and executed. After this, to claim total control over other ethnic members who try and immigrate is hypocritical and ridiculous. This proves historical evidence of white privilege and power. If looked at from a correct historical standpoint, everyone who is not a native is an immigrant to the country and the fact that a certain group of immigrants claim that they should have more benefits because they were here first is unfair and unjust. It is understandable that the government wants to protects the rights of its citizens, but I agree with you that this should never be done by violating and preventing the way of life for others.

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