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The film begins with two groups of people, with Catholic and Muslim religious affiliations. These groups, Bosnian (Muslim) and Croat (Catholic), coexisted peacefully, working and living together for many years before the war. However, after years spent in such a close-knit community with vastly different belief systems, overwhelming tension led to intense disagreement and, ultimately, war. Once the war began, the lives of all were turned upside down. Men were sent into the military and to the line of duty, where they were often away for months at a time defending their communities. On the other hand, women were suddenly responsible for everything that went on around the home, including economic responsibilities and taking care of the family’s well-being. With fathers out of the home, women were no longer able to split their time between work and home. Instead, it was all about the home and they were mentally & emotionally challenged day after day.

With war came an absolute intolerance for anyone who couldn’t choose a side. In this case, an individual was expected to be either Muslim or Catholic, not somewhere in the middle. If one did not identify with either group, they were alienated from both due to a lack of identity. This tension and war destroyed ties between the two groups, keeping them from even living close to one another. Communities were torn apart due to an inability to coexist anymore. Their previous friendship was no longer relevant, and the tension continued to grow as both groups became more and more defined within the region.

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  1. I agree with you that with the war came an absolute intolerance for anyone who could not choose a side. This is absolutely mind blowing to me and sickening at the same time. The idea that people either had to be Muslim or Catholic and nothing else helps me realize how fortunate we are to live in the United States. It is very sad to see the groups fall apart. These people were all neighbors and friends and because of the war, they were forced to dislike each other. I could not imagine being in such a horrible situation myself. It is crazy how the religions in this particular situation absolutely tore apart the country of Bosnia. Through watching the video, I was also truly amazed of how these civilians in Bosnia could have the sound of war so close to them and still carry on with their daily routines. I guess they had no other choice, but it shows how strong they are.

  2. I agree that two groups can coexist harmoniously and in some cases that cannot. Many times people who have such strong beliefs and are stubborn to any other types of belief can cause tension and in worse cases war. These radical believers say that they are fighting the war with religious pardon and that their God is calling them to fight. When men are taken away by war women are left to keep the household and economics going. I believe that alienation for being caught in the middle of two radical groups is unacceptable. All people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.

  3. I thought this documentary was very interesting. It is crazy to see how people were so close and such wonderful friends, but as the war got closer and closer the friendships became more strained until the friends were no longer talking to each other. I thought one part of the documentary that was extremely sad was when one friend could see the other friend in the field and she called her over and she flat out refused even though over the many years they bonded. I thought it was also interesting when the husband was helping the wife with washing dishes and he was complaining about helping and being seen doing “women’s work.” The women were already working double duty and he basically refused to help. I also think it’s interesting how people could not be in the middle and they had to pick sides when it came down to religion. The city used to be a place where religion didn’t matter but now it divides all the people.

  4. This film was definitely loving for me. It was saddening to see that people who had been friends for generations were split due to the tensions caused my religious identification. As you mentioned, the men were sent off the war and the women took on economic, household, and emotional responsibilities for their families. I think being in the United States I’ve never really though about the implications of wartime on every day life. We’ve been fortunate that we don’t have the face the tribulations and trials that these individuals had to face during this period of their nation’s turmoil. Identifying as Catholic or Muslim I think must’ve been difficult to decide, not for the fact that people would deny their religious beliefs, but for the fact that the war as it progressed ended up dividing friendships. Another thing I found interesting during the film was that shelling was so close to the town but people seemed to carry on with their daily routine. I guess that it what one must do in order to live the most normal life possible during a hard time.

  5. I really enjoyed reading through your post! Bringing up the mental and emotional challenge that was faced by the women every day in response to the war going on around them was an important point to make, in my opinion. They went from having what appeared to be a relatively balanced life, working to support their family but also maintaining connections with friends and relatives that were both close and farther away, to having to do everything around their homes and for their families because their husbands were away fighting.
    I also found it interesting that in the beginning of the film, when asked how the community and relationships were being affected by the war, those interviewed were saying everyone got along and would continue to get along because this was the way it would always be because that was how it had always been. However, after it turned into one religion against the other and people in the villages were being killed and their houses were shelled, old friendships ended. The mentality that everyone would get along through and after the war because that was how it had always been had disappeared.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post! You touched on/answered several of the same questions in the same manner that I addressed them in my post. I found the documentary to be very interesting. The fact that both groups who were once able to live harmoniously amongst one another could no longer coexist within their community was very extreme. It was also quite interesting to see how the war transitioned the lives of not only the men but the women and children as well. We don’t see often enough how war affects women and children but the film outlined that it places a physical and emotional strain on their livelihood. It was also interesting to see that both groups had to choose the side they identified with because there was no in between. I feel as if matters amplified to a level of no return. We seen this to be true as years worth of friendships were too divided to see a common ground.

  7. it is so sad to me that the differences between the Catholics and the Muslims created such a barrier and they could no longer coexist. This shows a complete intolerance for anyone who may have a different view than you in the slightest. To me, religion is about everyone coming together and creating peace and this completely goes against that.

  8. This is a brilliant post! From the way I consider it, this film is really a tragic. I think different religion doesn’t necessary mean to reject, disagree or against each other, a vivid example will be obviously what was presented in this film, the two religious groups, which are the Muslims and the Catholics. But when outer factors involves, those factors can quickly transform this relationship, either break it up or enhance it. From the movie we know that as the war took place, all circumstances has changed between those two groups, their thoughts changed and the two groups started to separate. This film shows us the cruelty which the war bring upon innocent people, on the other hand, displays the hope that all religions around the world should work together, solve the conflicts and unnecessary differences and make contribution to nowadays’ world developing topic ” Peace and Development”.

  9. I noticed that too, that the least tolerated viewpoint seemed to be for the neutral parties instead of people who had taken the opposite side.
    I guess that must be from the viewpoint of that people like to know where other people stand, like who they are with and who they are against, and neutral parties live in a gray area that cannot be defined or are not rooted in surety.

  10. I agree that once the war began that everyone lives changed. I felt bad that the women struggled because they had to take on double work and I felt terrible that in order to protect their child or children, they were forced to send their child away. That would have been the hardest thing for me to do. Picking up the slack of what was once handled by their husband, I am sure was very difficult and stressful. I would think it was already hard enough trying to handle my normal work duties, now I have to fend for myself when it comes to food and outside chores of the household. I liked how in the movie, everyone supported and was there for each other because everyone experienced the same struggle. At the time, no one was concerned with the different views of religion, the main concern was making sure everyone survived. I found it sad, how later in the video that changed. Friends and neighbors became enemies and distant strangers because people became afraid and lost that good caring heart they once had. The video was very interesting and I learned a lot from it.

  11. i agree with your post absolutely. I feel like once the war had begun many people started choosing sides. That is another way to look at how people go through something and adapting one common interest. Once reading some of the comments i realized that the video shows how separation is started in different countries. Once people are living together in peace, it seems like another group always comes in and destroys that peace by causing separation . The video gives context to the situation of how people can live together and work with one another. The problem is we need to stop allowing separation between one another than we will be fine. I think the video was interesting.

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