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I thought this film was very interesting even though it had a few dull moments. But overall, wow, I was impressed with the cinemetography overall. The film is about two main racial ethnic groups, the muslims and the catholics who were able to coexist for some time until all hell broke loose. These religions are quite different as far as beliefs go. Soon, war breaks out between the two groups and all hell breaks loose. Men, being the dominant gender, were sent out to war and forced in the military line of duty. Women were now responsible for almost everything around the house. The thought of a sudden war is actually quite scary. Although Bosnia is quite different than the United States of America, the film still shows us that racial intolerance can lead to a war at any point in time. As history shows us, many wars are the result of people being intolerant of one another on a religious spectrum.

At a certain point in the movie, we learned that those who did not choose a side were vulnerable to being attacked verbally and physically. One must have chosen a side, either muslim or catholic. This reminds me of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” where the two religious sides fought brutally in war against each other and families were torn from their homes. Because of racial intolerance in these two films we were able to see how brutal life can get as friendships are destroyed, peoples are killed and lives are ruined. It just goes to show you how we all must learn to be tolerant of other people or the consequences will be far too costly. Personally I think we all have something to learn from this film as we are taught how brutal life can be overseas when two sides do not get along. I hope you all enjoyed the film as much as I did.

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  1. Although it is not nearly as brutal and horrible, I believe we are starting to see serious divisions among people here. In the movie, the two groups of people were really close to each other, but because of all that went on, they became divided and ended up hating each other and committing atrocious acts against each other. Here, in the states we have finally started to make strides in including people into the mainstream and being friendly with people of all sorts-just really embracing the diversity. But recently, there has been so much hate between various groups of people. We have whites vs. minorities, blacks vs. police, straights vs. gays, men vs. women, etc. etc. With the recent amount of shootings in this country, things are really getting serious. So many hate crimes, so many mass shootings. Overall there is just too much going on for the media to cover and it is sickening for the citizens to be constantly bombarded with another death or injury that stemmed from hatred for the group they came from. Something both in this country, and in countries all over really needs to change.

  2. I too, thought the cinematography in the film was very interesting. Though the film had a few dry spots, its’ story of conflict between different groups of individuals is very relevant to what is happening around the world, especially here in America. I thought it was paramount that they included aspects such a patriarchy, making men go to war and women stay back to show off how gender roles always played a brobdingnagian role in society. Furthermore, it shows us how people can and did coexist once upon a time and how militarization and religion plays a key role in oppressing a people and how neutrality was frowned upon. I definitely agree with you, I did thoroughly enjoy the film and its’ overarching theme. People are different and they come in many shapes, sizes, have different religions and sexual orientations, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat them as if they are any less human.

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