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When thinking about race and ethnicity, one must ponder the question “Is race a social construct?” Meaning is race an idea or notion that appears to be natural obvious to people who accept it, but may or may not represent reality. Do we create race? Or is race already constructed. When thinking about this topic I cannot help but think about Donald Trump who is running for President of the United States of America. Often times Trump has been accused of being a racist, or someone who discriminates against certain races or ethnicities. Trump was found saying many things about Muslims and Mexicans, which I think relates directly to what we are studying in this class. Many people think of Trump as a “white supremacist” or someone who believes white people are above all other races.

I think Donald Trump answers our question, yes race is something that is socially constructed by us the people. Donald Trump has brainwashed many young minds into thinking and believing that all Mexicans are lazy and therefore the reason he wants to build a wall to stop Mexicans from coming over the border. He is also going around saying that almost all Muslims are terrorists, which is something that is plain false. When going through the airport, who is more likely to be stopped by the TSA now? A young white man or a muslim man with a turbin wrapped around his head? I think the answer is obvious.

I remember growing up and thinking about the term “white.” What was white? Was I white as an Armenian-American? I remember no one wanted to be considered white as a kid, we would rather pride ourselves on something different or diverse, such as “Armenian” which was the case for me, but my friends were muslims, some Mexican. But what about Donald Trump? I think he is making the case to be a white supremacist which means as children we should have all been proud to be considered “white.” I think talking about Trump and reflecting on his statements about peaceful muslims (claiming they are all radical) are important to discuss. What do you guys think?

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  1. I think it’s very interesting that you brought up your own personal experience as a person wondering if you are considered white and what it meant to you to be considered something other than white. Growing up as a white kid i never thought too much into my skin color because it wasn’t something that was even an issue or important to me. I completely agree the last statement you made about Donald Trump as well. To me he puts shame on being anything other than white and he is someone who promotes white supremacy in every way and yes this issue needs to be discussed because you cannot categorize people into that kind of group, it’s very inaccurate.

  2. I thought it was very interesting that you brought up Donald Trump in your post. There is so much controversy surrounding whether he is racist or not. You make a very good point in saying that Donald Trump proves that race is determined by human beings. He puts everyone in a group and stereotypes them based on the race that he defines them as. I also found in interesting that you brought up the fact about how anyone can see individuals and how a lot of people stereotype without even knowing it. We get suspicious of other people in every day situations based on gender or race. When in reality, we are creating the race and stereotype that we put on other individuals. I never thought of the concept “white”. We can distinguish ourselves as “white” but we never determine what that really means. I think so many times we classify ourselves as “white” when that is not a race at all.

  3. It has been biologically proven that race is a social construct, with very little validity when it comes to stereotypes. Many countries see race as different things and it is therefore impossible to define internationally. America itself has even gone through an evolution of race-people that we see as white today haven’t always been white in our history. I agree with the way you grew up, being proud to represent your ancestors and your ethnicity. I believe that in the US Census, people from the Middle-East would label themselves as white for they do not have their own category. When I told this to my Lebanese friend, she exclaimed “But I’m not white!” to which I agreed, but unfortunately that is officially how our country sees her.
    I also wholly agree with your statement that Trump is increasing the hate between supposed races. At Trump rallies there have been a multitude of videos displaying the horrible treatment of minorities. I saw a video of a black man who went to both a Bernie rally and a Trump rally. He was openly embraced at the Bernie rally, but was booed, cursed at, threatened, and had things thrown at him at the Trump rally. It really shows how he is turning things on everyone.

  4. I love how you chose to mention Donald Trump when describing race as being socially constructed. I think he is a great example of how individuals choose to separate people based on their race. The things he says are sometimes extremely races and I hate how he categorizes races based on stereotypes. I believe Donald Trump wants to keep the races separate. Instead of bringing the races together, he consistently say racist things about minorities. Just like the example you gave about him claiming that all Mexicans are lazy. I’m sure that here are children watching his speeches and he may have a huge influence on them, so saying racist things like that can cause them to dislike other minorities.

  5. It is ironic that you brought this up because I just wrote an essay on if race is socially constructed. After completing my assignment and doing research, I very much so believe that race is socially constructed. I believe that individuals determine race, it is just an act of nature to us. I agree that Donald Trump is playing a huge role in that and I also believe that he is playing into the phrase white supremacist. As you stated, Donald Trump is constantly talking down on other races and making it seem as though they are inferior to the next. And because he is running for President and getting on television expressing his views, he is making his thoughts public which can brainwash other individuals and get them believe that what he is saying may be true. In the end, this is continuing the act socially constructing race and white supremacy.

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