Week 4 Reflection Post

Arguments that have arose in the Post- Racial America Debate were colorblindness, and religion. The thought of being color blind did not exist. People only saw the outer appearance of a person before determining there character. If a person a browner completion than others may or may not treated a person differently. As we saw in last week studies religion changes communities. Certain religions are accessed and other are not. Racialism influences and is influenced by universalism and the American creed by having an impact on people minds. The mind is a priceless tool, however people often times abuse it by not getting the full perspective about a person. The full perspective of getting to know a person can be considered as knowing a person inter self instead of judging a person outer appearance. Race can be simply exploited by who will succeed and who is just making it by. American creed founded on American values of equality and fair ness. However, the creed bleed false dreams and hope. Mainly for anyone who is not a Caucasian American and did not ride over to the Americas when Christopher Columbus claimed he found a country that was already cohabited. This group of people piloted the thief of many property and human lives. One of my peers say it best, our current preconception of our perception of race is the same as it was centuries ago when racism came to existence. Racism is fueled by false facts and harmful truths that a certain group of people believe they are inferior to their outer appearance.

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