A New More Perfect Union

For this assignment I found an article which was written in the past few weeks after the shootings of police officers in Dallas. I really like this article because it offers solutions for a unified post-racial America. Al Sharpton, the author, says: “The longer injustices in policing remain unaddressed, the longer they fester. This poses a danger to us all.” and he’s right. One of the biggest problems in racial conflicts today come from police/community relations and somehow, with everything that has happened in the past few decades, they still remain unaddressed.

The author goes on to say that the shootings in Dallas were wrong. Neither black men have to be shot by police officers or police officers shot by an angry public. That only worsens the situation. We are all the same when facing the law. Sharpton gives 3 nonviolent solutions that he believes law enforcement should incorporate to “come to some sort of peaceful coexistence and build trust.”

  1. Out of all the police shootings of black people (123 in 2016 alone) none of the police officers have gone to jail. “Before we address other issues, we must make clear that whether a person wears blue jeans or a blue uniform, he or she must be equal under the eyes of the law.”
  2. Police officers should live in the community where they patrol. “The police must never be an ­occupying force that comes in to profile, stereotype, harass and oppress. They must be invested and interested in us, and want to ensure the safety and protection of our streets.”
  3. “There must be ­extensive cultural and sensitivity training across the board.”

Al Sharpton, I believe gives a kind of hope to have a post-racial society in America. He points out the bad that’s going on but he also offers solutions to make it better. Like Obama with his “A more perfect Union” speech, Sharpton wants America to do better, together.


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