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I chose this article because it relates to the topics that we have been covering throughout the class. It is called “The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black .” This article focuses on how non whites are treated worse during a routine stop by police officers than white people are. The article talks about how a twenty six year old black man, was driving his younger brother to his hair cut class and on the way they were pulled over for mirror infractions and expired plates. Being a nervous black man the younger brother did not know what to do and decided to get out of the car. His brother tried to stop him and the officer immediately stunned him with a taser and dragged him from his seat, smashing his face to the ground. After the officer decided that they weren’t enough of a “threat,” they let the man go with four four traffic tickets, assault on an officer (which was later dismissed), a chipped tooth and split lip. This was all from a routine traffic stop. Now both of the brothers do not drive the vehicle without a pocket video camera and a business card for legal help. The article goes on to talk about how black people are stopped and searched more than twice as often as white people. A national study also shows that in North Carolina white and black people use marijuana at nearly the same rate yet black people are arrested for possession five times more often than whites. The attorney general of of Missouri says that “they have been collecting data now for fifteen years and says that the differences between how whites and blacks are treated during traffic stop are bigger than ever.” It hurts my heart hearing that it is worse than it has ever been, but it seems to be true.

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  1. Your article is very relevant to the current racial problems going on in the United States. There has been so much debate about who is right or wrong in these situations, but hardly any change. Stereotypes and racalization are what cause the misconceptions about African Americans and attribute character traits that do not apply to every individual. It is frustrating to hear how difficult life is for so many others, simply due to the color of their skin. I understand cooperation is necessary, and one should be polite and respectful when dealing with authority figures. However, it is just as important that these authority figures be understanding, and respectful to the people they are dealing with regardless of race. Being in a position of power does not mean that one needs to take advantage of that power and let it go to their head. We are all people and should remember that we are not above or beneath anyone else.

  2. Hello there, I find your article very interesting and relevant to our topics. Your article focuses on how non whites are treated worse during a routine stop by police officers than white people are. I found the article focuses on how non whites are treated worse in the job market than white people who have the same academic achievement with them. In North Carolina, Black people are arrested for possession of marijuana five times more often than whites even if white and black people use marijuana at nearly the same rate. Apparently, our black brother get discriminated almost in all walks of life. We have achieved something in the progress of wiping out racism. While it is not enough. It is sad to see people are treated unfairly with no respect just because something they are born with. Hopefully we can live in an age where people do not judge each other by their skin color.

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