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I find the post-racial America debate very interesting, so I found an article about this topic. I see that we have come very far as a country, but we still have a long way to go. I wanted to find an article that looked at the issue from a different perspective than myself. The article that I found was from The New York Times and it is called America’s ‘Postracial’ Fantasy. This article talks about how individuals who come from mixed races feel in America. The part about how if an individual is half “white” they usually refer to themselves, as that was very interesting to me. I didn’t know how individuals felt and the struggles that they face every day being a mixed race. A few of the tragedies that have happened in recent months were brought up. I think that this is a huge topic to present when you are looking at “Post-Racial” America. We have seen so much violence lately. Does this mean we have not come as far as we previously thought?

In this article in particular, I liked the view that it was written from. It shows the view of an individual who has mixed racial backgrounds. They talk of their struggle in everyday life and the prejudices that they have to handle. They do not identify with one race. They also talked about the census and how recently the United States lets you check more than one race. This is a new addition that is a step forward for our country. After reading this article, I do agree that we have a long way to go before America is truly “Postracial”.

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