Activity Post Week 4

Should there be a post-racial era? Should we have a “colorblind” world when it comes to race? I chose the article “Police Protest ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner Hanging on a Massachusetts City Hall,” to talk about. This movement has been getting a lot of awareness. In the article the police are protesting because they want the sign taking off of the building. They believe that the banner is divisive and gives voice to a movement that has inspired violence against the police.


While reading this article I asked my grandma, “what do you think of the Black Lives Matter movement?” She responded with, “I think it is a movement that brings awareness to the fact that black people are being picked on. There are still many racial issues that are happening. With this movement people are developing it into you have to pick sides. Either you are with the police and you are saying black lives don’t matter or you are with the black lives matter movement and you are saying that the police don’t matter.”


I think my grandma has a very valid point. People are missing the point that it’s not that black lives matter more than all other lives, it is that there still is that division and people are not being treated equally. With this article, the police are upset because there is a banner up saying “Black Lives Matter” but there is also a banner that says “In Honor and Remembrance,” that is in honor of the fallen officers. I like that the mayor said “this is not about pick sides. We can stand up for the rights of minorities and the good work of police, and those are not competing thoughts.” We need to learn from history and not repeat it.


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  1. Hi Katie,

    I feel that this banner situation is just ridiculous. I don’t understand how a banner needs to be taken down. Doesn’t this constitute as something that is covered under, “freedom of speech?” This movement has never been about making black lives matter more. I think your grandmother is a very wise woman. This movement has now turned into a situation where people have to pick sides when in reality both sides should come together to solve the issue. What is really frustrating is when some people take it to the extreme and undermine the validity of the movement. Real change happens when allies join. This means if one is white, they should join the black lives matter movement. If one is a man they should join the domestic violence awareness movement. Change does not happen when we fight fire with fire and unfortunately, not many people understand this concept.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the article “Police Protect ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner Hanging on a Massachusetts City Hall”. Your post caught my eye; I agree with your grandmother. She is a wise woman, I do think people is missing the bigger picture of the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement is to highlight the inequality occurring in our country. It is sad black people is being kilt by the people is supposed to protect the community. I’m not saying all police officers are bad or should be prove guilty. However there is an unexplainable high rate of killing of black people. This is why people feel the need to pic sides. I believe if everyone stay neutral, and stand for what they believe in there wouldn’t be so many riots. I hope in the near future change will come. To my knowledge America has always been an unfair country; which is truly sad.

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