NC Week 4 Reflection Post

Our preconceptions of the perception of race are not easily identifiable. Race isn’t just based on how we categorize people on their physical appearance, its much more complex than that. The perception of race is actually a socially constructed concept that has varied over time. In the past, the perception of race has been used to legitimize exemptions to the universal rule. Gunnar Myrdall, the author of the American Creed, states that the United States was founded on the values of equality and justice, making the racial segregation laws contradictory. After the book was released, it became evident that any form of discrimination was unacceptable and unconstitutional.

This brings us to our present day the post-racial debate of whether or not America is still in a racial state. In other words, are we truly allowing all races to have an equal chance at success or are we still systematically discriminating against certain races? With the establishment of the Civil Rights laws, many people believe this issue has been solved and no such racial injustices exist anymore, however there are some that beg to differ.

The American society fixates on the merit of the individual. In theory, it doesn’t matter who the individual is, if they so wish to be successful, then they can attain it by working hard. However this theory doesn’t consider the effects of past racism. Some would argue that the impact of previous laws are still affecting the black community.

Probably the most detrimental form of discrimination to the success of African Americans has been redlining or not providing equal housing opportunities. Without having the asset of a house or inheritance, African Americans were not able to pass down their net worth to their children. Wealth transfer is so important for families for financial security and its only now, will we see more African American Families rise from poverty.

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  1. I think you did a really good job of summarizing all of this week’s readings, as well as tying them in with themes that we have been reading about and discussing since the beginning of class. I find it shocking that after, as you stated, “the United States was founded on the values of equality and justice” discriminatory laws and behaviors were allowed to be. After writing the Declaration of Independence and stating that “all men are created equal” and that they have rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, the laws enforcing segregation are incredibly contradictory, as you stated.

    Bringing up the difference between the assets of “a house or inheritance” when comparing what families are able to pass down from one generation to another I think is incredibly important to draw attention to. It is a facet of society and of having unequal opportunity that I do not think many people are aware of or think about.

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